Today I took again some time to visit the hide in the garden. It had been neglected for a few week due to the trip to England and Wales and the load of pictures I brought back. I even started to worry that the birds would no longer visit the feeding area. So this afternoon (I can recommend an 80 % job to everyone ;-)) around 3 pm I had a quick look and apart from the tits, I saw a nthatch and a chiffchaff.



The chiffchaff surpised me by its behaviour. I don't see them very often and when they come, they are shy and nervous. But not this one, he was at ease sitting on a small branch and even started to take a relaxing bath while I was watching from about 5 meter without any cover, it didn't mind at all. So around 4:30 pm I decided to get in the hide with the 5DIII because of its marvelous silent shutter. The birds were left alone for weeks and I didn't want to scare them with the 1DX shutter. Half an hour later, the chiffchaff was back and again it took a batch; the 5DIII could do its job and the silent shutter didn't disturb the birds at all.



I do have to admit that, once you are used to the 12 fps of the 1DX, 3 fps (speed of 5DIII with silent shutter) is frustrating slow. But no regrets, the pictures aren't too bad.